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Hi! I’m Josie, a licensed physical therapist.  I have been working in various orthopedic settings for over 20 years, and I truly love what I do.  You can read more about me here:  About Me

I’m very proud of you for taking this step towards improving your well-being!  I’m really looking forward to helping you solve your musculoskeletal issues, so I’ve made it as simple as possible for us to get started.

All you’ve got to do is click the link below, purchase the session (or 3 sessions for a discount), and email me to set up your appointment.  THAT’S IT! 

A typical session will be 40 minutes long and will be held over a 2-way video call.  (We can use facetime or zoom).

-If it’s your first session I’ll ask you about your symptoms; how and when your pain started, details about how it feels, and what things aggravate or alleviate your condition (see a more complete list of questions below).

-I’ll ask you to move around in front of the camera so I can watch some specific movements that are relevant to your symptoms.  By then I’ll have a good idea of what can help take away your pain.

-We’ll set up some goals and make a treatment plan.

-We’ll go over a few exercises right away and I’ll be sure you have the technique down correctly.

-I’ll also send you illustrations of these exercises;  your unique program.  This program is what you’ll work on (daily!) until we meet again.

-We will talk about setting up your follow-up appointments.  Typically we will meet every 2 weeks, but we can make adjustments based on YOU!

You’ll start feeling the difference with those exercises!  Get ready to enjoy a new and improve version of YOU! 

Ready to get rid of that pain?

Here’s some additional questions that I’ll be asking you during our session.  

  • When did your symptoms start?
  • How did they start?
  • What part(s) of your body are bothering you?
  • What activities are painful?
  • What things have you tried that help, even if it’s just a little bit or temporarily?
  • Have you been seen by another medical professional for this condition in the past?
  • Have you had any recent surgeries?
  • Any other medical information that would be relevant to you safely performing exercises at home?

I want to feel better now!


Initial Evaluation – The first time that we meet and discuss a new issue.  The history and the details of your symptoms are very relevant to developing your own personalized program.  This is where the puzzle solving all happens, and where I use my experience and expertise to create a program for you that is efficient and effective to the max.  See the gray box above for some examples of the questions I’ll be asking you. 

Follow-up Visit – Meeting for a subsequent time regarding an injury that I’ve already evaluated.  As long as it is within 3 months of the last time we met, and as long as there has been no significant worsening of your condition, or any new medical issues that have come up.  Follow up visits are useful when you’ve had a break-through and are ready for more exercises, when you notice the exercises are getting too easy, or if you’re having any kind of problem that you want to check in on.  It’s better to ask than to create bad habits that could delay your recovery or possibly cause an injury. 

Home Exercise Program – The program that is designed just for you based on findings and discussions during the evaluation or follow up visits.  All of these exercises will be ones that we have already practiced together, and that you can perform safely at home.  You will have reference to proper technique and how many repetitions/hold times you should be performing the exercises at.  These illustrations are yours to keep indefinitely.  The Illustrations will be a sketch demonstrating proper form of the exercise, with a brief description, and hold times/repetitions. 

Duration of Care – How many visits will I need?  Everyone has different learning styles and levels of self-motivation and comfort.  For example, some people are athletes and understand proper form and have trained proprioception (how their body should feel when they are exercising).  Some people like to be taken through the routine step by step each time to feel confident that they are doing it correctly.  Some prefer the one-on-one on a regular basis and some would rather be more independent.  We can discuss this together and make the best decision so that you maximize your results.  In whichever case, you’ll be working directly with me.

Pricing – You can purchase sessions one at a time, or a bundle that that includes 3 sessions for $50 off, or the best priced option is to sign up for a monthly membership (cancel any time) which gets you one session with me per month and various other programs and discounts (the Professional Level Membership).  Payments can be made directly through my secure website.  I am not accepting insurance at this time.  Don’t forget that you’re saving money on gas, you’re avoiding copays and deductibles, and I don’t even mind if you forget to brush your hair for the appointment lol. 

Physical Therapist – though I am a licensed and practicing physical therapist currently registered in the state of California, signing up for these programs does not establish an official patient-therapist relationship.  Please reference my Terms of Use and reach out to me with any questions.