Imagine going out to your car one morning and seeing a flat tire. That’s gonna slow you down big time! You’ve gotta call in late to work, ask for a ride, buy a tire, ask for help changing it, …and there goes your evening plans too! Make sure your own “tire” doesn’t go flat. Have the quick fix tools in your arsenal to prevent an ANKLE SPRAIN and be free from crutches, doctor visits, braces that stretch out shoes, and cancelled plans. A 3 minute action plan for prevention is a huge time saver.
With the proper flexibility in your ankle and good strength, your ankle will be resilient to challenges placed on it – like a crack in the sidewalk. Good flexibility, strength, and proprioception (a body parts’ ability to recognize instantly where it is positioned) will help the ankle to react quickly and keep your ankle from twisting too far and damaging your ligaments. Learn it all hear. Ankle sprains CAN be prevented if you are prepared.

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