Being a professional athlete helps my career as a physical therapist. Being a physical therapist helps my career as an athlete.

And, like the chicken and the egg dilemma, I have no idea which one uplifted the other more.  But there is no doubt that one compliments the other.  And I’m also pretty sure that one wouldn’t exist without the other.

Here’s a little blurb that I wrote about my athletic self (but made it sound like someone else wrote it.  I get a bit uncomfortable tooting my own horn I guess you could say)

Josie is a Division I, two sport (volleyball and basketball) athlete that transitioned to playing beach volleyball after graduation. She successfully competed on the AVP tour, was ranked in the top 10 of the NVL tour, and was the number 1 ranked AAA player for 3 years on the local CBVA tour as well.

Her athletic achievements bring important characteristics to her Physical Therapy career that she, in turn, passes on to her patients. These include discipline, commitment, attention to technique, and motivation. She can stand by her techniques because, practicing what she preaches, she is known to be without injury and famous for her 6 pack- even in her 40’s!  Her first book, “40 & Sporty” is slated to come out in the Spring of 2021!

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