A PT for the Pro’s – Dreamin’ Big

I’ve been a PT for 22 ½ years. I love it. Every job I’ve ever held has had a positive influence on my career and my personal development. Last summer when I read about an opportunity to work with the Clippers, I thought, “Why not? I’m going to send in my resume”. You’ll have to get to the bottom to see if they offered me the position – and by the time you get there, maybe you’ll have decided if you want me to be your PT, too 🙂

New To You Kegel Variations (Ladies Only)

Okay, first of all, before you agree to any surgery, YOU SHOULD ASK FOR A REFERRAL TO A PHYSICAL THERAPIST, and actually go, and work hard on the exercises she gives you FAITHFULLY. Another “first of all” is don’t ever settle for the “just live with it”. I hear that WAY too often and always there is at least SOMETHING you can do to make some degree of progress. And another “first of all”, Don’t Feel Embarrassed! Statistics say 1 in 4 women are suffering with urinary incontinence, and that statistic includes women over just 18yrs old! You are not alone, and the sooner you do something about it, the easier your results will come.

Welcome to Insight Into Injury

12/14/2018 Repetitive strain or “overuse” injuries account for over 50% of all musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace. A repetitive movement (use of tools, keyboard/mouse, squatting, lifting, writing, cashiering, stocking, playing music, assembling, walking, food production, etc), or a prolonged position (studying, driving, sitting, standing, etc) […]