Towards the end of your shift you had one box to set down. “What was that tweak near my spine?”, you said with a frown. The first second you’re relieved, “phew, just tired”. Then the pain starts up – it feels like your back is on fire! Yup, it happened, the dreaded strain to your back. Time off of work, pills, PT… it’s your paycheck that will lack. Don’t be amongst the injured, start now and do it right. Check out the videos and illustrations, and for that injury gain insight.

(sorry, not a poet! lol)
A back strain can happen from sitting slouched too long, and also from lifting something too heavy with bad technique. We’ve all heard it over and over again to “lift with your legs”…. But, sometimes our bodies can’t get into the right position to do it right because of inherent tightness and weakness in our legs and core. This program will teach you how to improve your flexibility and core strength so that your body can lift with the correct technique, and you’ll be avoiding those debilitating back strains.

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