Once upon a time, there was this girl with really tight calves. She’d get cramps in the night. One night of wearing high heels would make her limp for a week. She’d always be worried that she’d tear her achilles if she played too many games of volleyball… Spoiler Alert: happy ending! That girl is me. My calves don’t hurt anymore. I can sprint, jump, dance. Standing and walking all day is a breeze. This is how I saved my legs. Easy.
Doing one simple calf stretch before activities will make all the difference in the world for avoiding calf injuries! This program gives you a few varieties of calf stretches and other exercises for strengthening your calf. Easy things you can do while eating breakfast, standing in line at the checkout, or at your desk. Calf strains are much easier to prevent than they are to recover from. Discover how easy it is with the calf strain prevention video!

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