“Lane closed at the tunnel ahead. Move slowly and with caution. Expect delays.” Yup- if the tunnel at your wrist (the carpal tunnel) is clogged with swelling, tightness, and scar tissue you can expect to be in pain, and slowed down. Keep your forearm muscles flexible and healthy so that they don’t pinch down on the nerves through the tunnel. Pick up this video and these illustrations, and jump in the carpool tunnel lane right now! (get it? carpal/carpool tunnel. lol) Beep Beep!


Surgery is a common “treatment” for carpal tunnel syndrome, however, I have seen MANY of my patients recover from carpal tunnel syndrome just by doing the right exercises. Opening up the tunnel (yup, the bones form an actual tunnel) with stretches, rather than surgery, can effectively take away the pressure that is squeezing down on those nerves passing through there. Relieve the pressure, the nerves heal, and your symptoms go away. Keep up the stretches and the strengthening and you’ll be able to safely return to all of your activities. Let’s get to it!

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