“Common Injuries” are things that happen to many people, and that present with a definable list of symptoms and limitations, and that respond favorably to the same exercises.   These injuries are ones that I have helped people recover from over and over – using the same program that I’m presenting to you now.

These programs have worked for people time and time again.

Making sure you’ve done a proper self diagnosis has never been more clear than on this website.  You wont get that internet diagnostic panic that makes you think you’ve got to chop off your arm just because you’re feeling some tension at your elbow.   Everything is laid out in layman’s terms so that it’s easy to understand. 

Examples of Common Injuries

Recovery from any of these common injuries is absolutely possible to obtain in the comfort of your own home, without having to purchase any equipment, without the hassle of insurance and authorization, and for only 15mins/day or less.

These programs are your quick fix.  It’s easy to start feeling better today.