What's Included?

Walking Mechanics

Learn to optimize your walking mechanics whether you’re using a cane, a walker, or no assistive device. 

Safe Balance Exercises

Improve your balance and strengthen your legs and core with exercises that are safe to do at home. 

How to Get Up From a Fall

Practice staying calm, assessing the situation, and geting up without injuring yourself.  (variations if you have bad knees!)

Stand Up From a Low Chair

Learn the simple exercises that make it so much easier (and less painful!) to stand up from any type of chair. 

BONUS: In the Home
Safety Checklist

A step by step walk through of each room 
in your home to eliminate things that increase your fall risk. 

Freedom to do the things you love!

The holidays are upon us filled with fun gatherings with family and friends.  Maybe you’ve been dreaming of going on a cruise? Is there a family wedding or celebration coming up?  You know you still have the energy to participate and you just want to make sure you can do it safely.  You want to impress your family members and take away their concern of you living alone in your home.  

You’ve got this!  And here’s a program that can really help you step up and make sure your balance is up to the challenge of your dream adventures. 

This FALL PREVENTION MASTERCLASS is a complete online program and everything you (or your loved one!) needs to improve safety around your home and community, and safely prolong your independence.   The online program includes 30 days of unique exercises that will improve your mobility, strength, and balance so that you can drastically reduce your fall risk.  Each day you’ll learn one fall risk prevention tip and you’ll spend 15minutes exercising along with me (don’t worry, I’ve made sure to adjust the exercises so that you feel safe doing them at home). By the end of the first week you’ll already be noticing it’s easier to stand up from a low chair!

Included in the program are additional printable handouts:  a checklist to identify fall risks in each room of your home and information to adjust your home if any construction modifications are needed.  Your home should be your haven where you feel completely safe and comfortable. 

This program is tried and true over the 20+ years of my career and supported statistically by the CDC’s “STEADI” (Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths, and Injuries).  A fall risk assessment and interventions can significantly reduce your fall risk.  An exercise program that includes balance challenges reduces falls by 17% more than an exercise program without balance challenges.   See below for what some of my patients have said.  

Get that pep back in your step and stand tall as you’re enjoying the things you love to do with the people you love the most.