Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been a physical therapist for 20 years, and these programs are full of the most relevant and helpful exercises for each diagnosis. When treating patients individually, I’ve found that the vast majority of my patients are doing the very same exercises that I put in these programs, with just a few variations like how many reps they can tolerate, or some slight modification of form. I’ve accounted for those variants and have offered up the modifications right in the video

25 bucks.  25 smackaroos.  25 dollars and you own the program and can re watch it over and over.  I’ve priced it at $25 so that many many people could afford it.  Most people have a copay that is at least that, and they have to pay it Each time they attend PT.  This is a one time cost.  Also, if you’ve got multiple issues (maybe a knee that gives out, a heel that bothers you in the morning, the occasional stiff neck, and an intermittent tingling/numbness in your arm), you can buy all 14 of the videos for $150 – that’s a 50% discount!

If you’re not satisfied with the program, shoot me an email!  I can’t refund your money, but we can find perhaps a different program that would be more appropriate for you.

It’s always advised that you check in with your doctor, especially when you’ve got pain!  But you don’t need a prescription for online physical therapy as you would if your insurance was paying.  You are performing these exercises at your own risk, as stated in my privacy policy and consent form.

Again, speak with your MD if you’re concerned.  But as I speak about the exercises, I give specific instruction for good form and offer modifications if you’re unable to perform the exercises.  You should not push through pain.  But gently or moderately pushing through a stretching/pulling/tension sensation is helpful!

Vimeo is the 3rd party platform that I use to post my videos.  I chose them because of affordability and their user friendly attributes.  Signing up for a free account with them allows you to log in to watch your videos from any device, any time you want.