Get that spring back in your step! (No, not the one that makes you jump back into bed because your feet hurt too much to take that first step in the morning). A few easy and pain-free movements will support your arch, without breaking the bank with expensive shoes and insoles.

The Plantar Fascia is at the bottom of your foot. It’s a thick fan shaped band that essentially helps to hold up your arch. When it gets irritated or inflamed, it’s called “plantar fasciitis”, and symptoms will present as pain, tightness or cramping at the bottom of your foot, and/or pain at your heel. Walking without arch support (like walking around barefoot, or walking around with weak feet muscles), or having a calf muscle that is too tight is what causes this aggravating ailment. This injury can be dragged out over a long time, costing you a lot as you try to get relief from new shoes, insoles, or custom orthotics. But attacking the issue at the root cause and taking the matter into your own hands is the best, cheapest, and surest way to take care of it. Whether you’ve been suffering with plantar fasciitis already, or know that you are at risk for getting it, this program is what you’ve been looking for.

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