Insight Into Injury introduces the relationship of how a healthy, flexible, strong, and warmed up body can handle work tasks better.  Whether you’re dealing with “perfect” ergonomics, or with an ergonomic situation that is less than ideal, the body can withstand the stressors of it’s daily workload without suffering an injury.

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Repetitive strain injuries are absolutely preventable!


Why not prevent the back strain that will keep Jim off of his construction job for 2 months?

Why not prevent the carpal tunnel syndrome that will keep Diane away from her desk for 4 months as she recovers from surgery?

Why not prevent the wrist strain that will keep Maria from her food prep counter on and off over the next 9 months?

In 2015, U.S. workers lost 264 million workdays due to musculoskeletal injuries.

That’s nearly 2 days/year for full-time employed American worker.

2012-2015 WHO data established that spine related disorders have become the #1 cause of disability in the world.  And they are the 3rd most costly health condition in the U.S.  (

Sprains, strains, and tears accounted for about a third of all private industry cases involving days away from work in 2018.  (To learn more, see “Employer-reported Workplace Injuries and Illnesses — 2018.”)

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Get out ahead of sciatica, shoulder strains, neck and back strains, trigger finger, carpal tunnel syndrome, thumb/wrist/elbow strains, radiating pain down to your finger tips, plantar fasciitis & heel spurs, calf strains, ankle sprains, knee strains, ‘mouse’ shoulder, and shoulder impingement.

Learn what causes them, how to avoid them, and the quickest way to recover from them.