A PT for the Pro’s – Dreamin’ Big 


I’ve been a PT for 22 ½ years.  I love it. Every job I’ve ever held has had a positive influence on my career and my personal development.  Last summer when I read about an opportunity to work with the Clippers, I thought, “Why not? I’m going to send in my resume”.  You’ll have to get to the bottom to see if they offered me the position – and by the time you get there, maybe you’ll have decided if you want me to be your PT, too 🙂 


  • Here’s my cover letter.  

Dear Players, Staff, and Owners, 

  It has always been my mission as a PT to help people live a more enjoyable life by living without pain. That goes for weekend warriors and professional athletes alike.  As an aging athlete myself, I would love to share my expertise with the best athletes in the NBA and watch as they excel on the court!

Because of my experience as a physical therapist and an athlete, injury prevention is definitely my specialty.  I bring just the right combination of experience from my education, the patients I’ve worked with in the past, and my own body as I’ve staved off injuries and kept myself performing at a high level even into my 40’s.  From the guy walking across the crosswalk that I know needs to stretch his hip flexors, to the athlete taking a jump shot that I can tell is avoiding putting all of his weight on his left big toe, I love playing detective! And picking up on those subtleties, in the context of a sport that I understand very well, not only prevents injuries, but helps the ball go in the hoop more consistently!  My technical strength is just this- solving the puzzle, and forming immediate and simple solutions that hit the spot so that it has no chance to develop into an injury.  It works the same for injuries that have already come to fruition.

I also have a very strong ability to make anyone feel at ease.  When talking with an athlete; first of all, they’ll know I care. They’ll know that I know what I’m talking about, both about their body and about basketball. I will make sure they understand why I’m making the suggestions that I am, and then find just the right buttons to push to motivate them to get the job done. Having been a per diem therapist for many years I am always open to learning from fellow staff members. Having developed my own online business I have honed my program development and creative thinking skills. I’m constantly looking to get information on the next best thing and the best way to help people be the best they can be.  Having been in a supervisory role for more than half my career I am very comfortable dealing with the pleasantries, the technicalities, and smoothing over issues if things get ruffled up at any level along the chain of command. 

I love every challenge that’s ever been offered to me and I approach each component with a ton of positive energy, confidence, friendliness, heart, and professionalism.  

I know I have the right combination of experience, professionalism, and good-isn’t-good-enough attitude to fit right in with this franchise.  (And the strength to be able to pick up one of those big long athletes legs if i have to stretch it!).  I also have the support of my husband (who is a director of photography available to video games/practices for review or instant replay options), and the support of my teenage son (who seemed a little too excited at the thought of mom being out of the house more often. lol)


I’d be happy to discuss more of what I can do for the Clippers at a formal interview. 

Thank you for your consideration! 

Josie Schatz, PT 



Well, I got an email reply – they thanked me, but said they’d be going in a different direction.  

A little online research and I found out they hired a guy that had all this after his name…. 

PT, DPT, SCS, CSCS, FAFS Sports Physical Therapist, Doctor of Physical Therapy.  I’m sure he is a very good fit for the job.  

Working for a professional NBA team would have been cool.  A story to tell the grandkids about for sure.  But I’m really proud of all the places that I have worked at in the past.  I’ve really been blessed with great bosses.  I’m also really proud of the groundwork that I’ve laid for “Insight Into Injury”, my online business.  I’ve got a program for people injured on the job with a variety of repetitive strain injuries (things like back strains, carpal tunnel, rotator cuff strains, plantar fasciitis, etc.).  I’ve got a program for aging golfers that just want to keep doing what they love to do during retirement; golf as good as they can without pain. (and if you like the movie CaddyShack you’ll really appreciate the videos!).  I’ve got a program for the rising stars – all the youth athletes that are trying to excel at their sport despite dealing with growing pains (actual pains, or those ‘pains’ of trying to grow through the awkward fawn stage.  Yes, teens, stretching and balance exercises will make a huge difference for you, too!).  I’ve got a program for seniors that are dreading the slow decline of their independence.  A balance training program that includes strengthening, pain relief, stiffness reduction, and education on how to get up after a fall (even with bad knees!).  I’m currently working part time at a non-profit swimming pool that helps people with multiple disabilities, including veterans. 

Yes, I have surely been blessed in my career.  

How can I help you?  How can I help take away your pain, help you beat your buddies at golf, get you that college scholarship, keep you out of a wheelchair? 

Check out my website or reach out to me directly with your questions.  I’d be more than happy to help you with your fitness goals! 🙂


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