A work injury could affect your income, interfere with your personal life, and even cost you your job.

Don’t be an injured worker statistic.

No job is free from risk.  Here’s some of the common work tasks and the injuries that you are most at risk for.

Sitting at a desk

Neck & back strains & sciatica from sitting all day, carpal tunnel, thumb & wrist strains from typing, radiating pain down your arm/’mouse’ shoulder from reaching for the mouse/using the telephone.


Back & knee strains & herniated discs from repetitive squatting, shoulder & wrist strains from lifting/carrying, calf strains from pushing/climbing.

Assembly line

Thumbs/wrists/elbow strains from repetitive work, neck and back strains from leaning over counter, plantar fasciitis from standing.


Even an office worker could hurt their knee by the way they get in/out of their chair. Even someone doing heavy lifting could get trigger finger from the way they hold the item they are lifting.

Your job should not be compromising your health. Even if your employer has taken steps to help you prevent an injury, sometimes your body is just headed down the wrong path.

Maybe you’ve learned how to lift:  “Keep your back straight and bend with your knees” – but, guess what, at least 60% of my patients don’t demonstrate proper lifting mechanics even when they are concentrating and following this rule of thumb.

Maybe you’ve been given proper ergonomic equipment:  But 8+ hours is still a long time to demand your body to function at a high level, especially if you’re under pressure to reach a deadline.

Maybe you’ve already gone to a workers comp clinic, but your pain didn’t go away.  Don’t give up! My programs have helped hundreds of my patients already, both in preventing an injury and promoting a speedy recovery.

$4.6Billion in wages is lost annually because of back pain.  Combined with treatment for low back pain, it’s $315Billion!  People take off 264Million days annually because of neck and back pain.  (boneandjointburden.org)  That’s a lot of people losing a lot of money being off of work.

When you sign up for a personal session, we meet online on a 2-way video call.  We’ll go over your work situation and your symptoms, and we’ll make a plan to immediately get into action.  I’ll make sure that the exercises I give you are ones that you can easily do throughout your work day- no need to lay down or use any equipment.  We’ll also discuss tips about technique and posture so that you can eliminate the action that is causing your pain.  You might still have to lift or type, but fixing your form can make a huge impact on how you feel while doing it!  (I can do this in Spanish if you need me to)

I’ve put together online programs for the 14 most common workplace injuries.  You get 24/7 access to the instructional videos, plus illustrations of the home exercises that you can keep on your phone or print out.  Learn a little from all of the programs and implement them as needed.  You can also purchase them individually.

Please help me connect with your employer or HR manager regarding this opportunity.  Not only will it help you directly, but imagine if your coworker gets injured- who has to pick up the slack?  I can offer your company a package deal, and offer you a kickback.