I debated calling this the ‘chicken dance’ injury because everyone that has impingement in their shoulder always tells me about their pain while they are flaring their elbow out like they’re in the middle of the chicken dance! If you just tested to see if your shoulder was hurting and realized this is you- then clap your hands, hook arms with a friend, and head straight into this link to upscale your style with some new “dance moves” for your shoulder that will take your pain away.

Shoulder impingement typically occurs when the muscles in the front of your shoulder and across your chest are too tight and overused. The tightness rotates your shoulder forward such that the structures inside (like your tendons and ligaments and bursas) get pinched and irritated – ultimately leading to swelling and possible damage or tears. The exercises in this program will teach you to stretch the muscles in the front of your shoulder and strength the muscles across the back of your shoulders. This will create the proper alignment so that you can maximize the power your shoulder and arm can generate, and avoid the pinching and rubbing that occurs if you don’t have that muscle balance. Please contact me with any questions!

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