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Everyone knows that skiing is risky business for your knees.  You can’t always avoid EVERY crash and injury, but having really strong and healthy knees is the BEST way to ensure a long, happy, and shred-all-weekend-long kind of ski season! 

My SKI STRONG knee strengthening program takes less than 15 minutes/day, requires no extra equipment, and can be done in a small area in the comfort of your own home.  The program is made up of functional eccentric closed-chain weight bearing exercises that literally target every muscle of your leg.  It also includes 2 unique balance exercises.  The combination of functional strength and balance really makes your legs feel confident on the slopes.

You’ve been excited to hit the slopes, especially with all the snow this year!  But you’ve been hearing that little voice in the back of your mind that’s telling you “Be careful!”  Well, I want to encourage you to LISTEN to that little voice and indeed be careful.  If you’re thinking you’re not as strong as you used to be, you’re a little out of shape, you might be a little older somehow than you were before… then this program is for you.  Doing the exercises in this program will target all the right ‘ski muscles’ and get them stronger than ever.  You’ll feel the improved stability and it will give you confidence and help protect your knee on the slopes.  Ideally you start this program 2 months prior, but activating the muscles in this functional way will make a difference even in just a couple of days – so don’t delay – it’s not too late! 

The Ski Strong Knee Program is designed, tested, and 100% approved by me – a licensed physical therapist and athlete. I’ve been doing this strengthening routine for over 25 years myself.  I’ve shocked my orthopedic surgeon with my XRAYs and the images taken during surgery – he literally said with the lack of wear and tear seen on my joints, despite being an athlete all my life and having a job that is physically demanding – he literally said my knees could be one of a 17 year old!  (P.S. – I’m 45!) I fully attribute my healthy joints to having a good strength/flexibility balance around them, and this program creates EXACTLY that.  

My patients have gotten bits and pieces of this program over the years, but I’ve put it all together for you here – for you and all the ski enthusiasts in your life! 

* If your knees are doing okay but you know they could be stronger – then this program is for you!  

* If you’re going with friends and you’re worried they won’t be able to keep up with you as you’re bombing down the hill- then this program is for both of you! (It’s always great to have an accountabiliBuddy, too!). 

* If you’ve had an injury in the past in which you never truly felt you completed your rehab – then this program is for you! 

* If you want to have your best ski season yet – then this program is for you! 

A light warm up, some stretching, and then straight into this program and you’re on your way to tolerating a whole weekend of skiing and having fun on the slopes.