Play better and enjoy the game more. Insight into Injury has personal experience with all of these sports and created these sport specific programs so that your muscles can feel their best and you can deliver your best performance possible.

Featured Video: Unhitch Your Glitch - Golf Motion

Newly released!  Just when you thought you couldn’t enjoy a round of golf more… (pssst!) Golfing pain free can be your reality!  And not only do you feel better without those usual aches and pains, but you’re also seeing the results with your lower scores.  Flexibility and stability equals improved consistency.  A smoother and more solid swing.  It’s easy to get there with a step by step online program, designed by a physical therapist with a professional golf instructor.  We’re not trying to change your swing technique, but we will help you get rid of the pain that is throwing things out of whack.

Your golf game becomes more consistent when you don’t have any tight or weak muscles to throw you off balance or cause pain.  It’s absolutely possible to beat your buddies, and golf all 18 pain-free!  Buy the Program here

How to make the best of your stationary bike ride workout.  Ride with perfect form, maximize the calorie burn, and avoid pain.  Info coming soon.  Cycling / Spin Class
How to avoid neck, shoulder, and back pain – (but you’re on your own with the sharks.)  Info coming soon!  Surfing
From shoulders to abs to ITB’s to calves – learn the simple exercises that keeps you spiking big ’til the sun goes down.  Info coming soon.   Beach Volleyball
A sport that demands such accuracy and precision, your whole body needs to be on board with perfect stability.  Get the results you want with an at home online easy exercise program.  Info coming soon.  Archery

Growing pains occur when the bones are growing faster than the muscles that attach to them can adapt and lengthen.  This can give the athlete pain, the sense of poor flexibility, joint being squeezed and grinding together, and altered alignment at the joints.  These conditions in turn cause a decrease in speed, agility, balance, and accuracy.  MAXIMUM VERTICAL POTENTIAL (MVP) teaches the young athlete to thrive during growth spurts.  Send a request through the contact form to get more information! Insight into Injury is available for individual or team training. 

 Play your best.  Excel during growth spurts.  And avoid that injury that would put you on the bench.  If you’re a high level athlete in high school or college and committed to maximizing your potential, then this MVP program is for you! 

Get your knees strong and ready for ski season!  15 minutes/day at home working on strategic functional exercises gets your knees in the best shape of your life. Check out the details here.

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