Tingling, numbness and a heavy achy pain shooting from your neck down to your finger tips. Did your arm get replaced with a telephone pole that got lit on fire? No fun. Extinguish your dread and call upon a new strategy that will wake up your arm and keep it your own.

Upper Extremity Radiculopathy is the medical diagnosis for tightness, tingling, and numbness in your arms. People also often describe their symptoms as a heaviness or pressure in their arm and neck. When there is tightness and overuse of certain muscles, the muscles will pinch the nerves that they innervate. The nerves aren’t damaged – they are just irritated and letting you know about it! If you take the pressure off of the nerve (by loosening up the muscle that is squeezing it), the nerves will stop complaining and you’ll feel back to normal. This program teaches you to stretch all the common triggers. It’s a good idea to work on them periodically throughout your day!

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