Utilize the sections below to find solutions to your symptoms.  Chose “By Diagram” if you’d like to search via an interactive body model.  Explore “by diagnosis” if you have a good idea of what the injury you’re dealing with is called.  Delve into “By Activity” if you’re having symptoms or difficulty with activities such as getting up out of a chair, playing your favorite sport, or doing things like household chores.   You’ll be directed to a combination of videos and/or written instructions designed by a physical therapist as to how to best deal with your aches and pains.  And if you just want Josie to evaluate what’s specifically best for you – click here. 


Pick and choose WHAT HURTS on an interactive digital body to discover the best fix-it-for-good solutions.
Finding solutions to your pain has never been simpler than by exploring this comprehensive list of easy to understand medical diagnoses. Find what exercises will eliminate your symptoms quickly.
Discover the tricks that add enjoyment and eliminate pain with housework, getting out of your car, choosing the perfect pillow, your favorite sporting activities, and everything you do all day long.
Insight Into Injury is your one stop shop for all things related to injury prevention and at home easy injury recovery. From sciatica and carpal tunnel, to the more obscure shoulder impingement and Baker’s cyst, you’ll get expert physical therapy advice along with the sense of empowerment that comes with learning a quick fix that gives you long term pain relief. Turn your body into a self healing machine with simple at home exercises. Discover the best technique for common household tasks like scrubbing the tub or raking leaves so that you can do it pain free. Impress your friends with the strong and graceful way you get up from a low chair. And for the weekend warrior to the retired passionate golfer – shave years off of your (dis)abilities and enjoy your sport with less pain and way better scores. All of this without having to step foot in a doctors office, wait for an appointment, pull out your insurance card, nor pay a copay.