A herniated disc in your back can present as sharp pains in your back area, and shooting pains, numbness, and tingling down one or both of your legs. A herniated disc is a disc whose shape is deformed and pushes beyond the area that it was designed to be in. It pushes into the nerves that are exiting the spinal column. Those pinched nerves get angry and tell you about it – symptoms can vary in intensity throughout the day.


The best treatment for a herniated disc is to work on having really good posture and to stretch the muscles that pass over the spine. I suggest the exercises be done while your back is supported – aka laying flat on your back so that the floor or your bed can support your spine. I would not suggest you do the exercises with a brace on, because then those muscles that the brace is supporting wont be held accountable nor be able to be changed for the better.