Arthritis and wear & tear at your hip can progress to the bone-on-bone XRAY results that leads to a hip replacement. There are exercises you can do prior to your surgery to prepare yourself better (see Hip Arthritis), and there are exercises that you will start immediately after your surgery. You will recover faster if you follow the protocol! Learn the exercise plan for all stages following a hip replacement and maximize your recovery.


There are a few variations as to what is the correct protocol to follow after your hip replacement, and it depends on the type of surgery you’ll have. There are a few different approaches that your surgeon might take: The Posterior, Anterior, or Lateral approach. You should learn as much as you can about these options before your surgery and make the best choice for you- which means you may have to switch doctors as they will likely have their preferred method and experience in just one approach. Though you will be limited in some movements, there are exercises that are recommended across the board regardless of the type of surgery you have. These same exercises are also advised prior to surgery so that you’ll be as strong as possible going into the operation. This program is under construction right now – please reach out to me to let me know you’re interested in the content and I’ll be sure to send it to you as soon as it’s available.