Mid and lower back strains are an all too common occurrence. Lifting, bending, twisting repetitively, or just once if you do it the wrong way, can leave you in debilitating pain for months. This program will take you through a routine for overall good back health highlighting the right exercises to do, when to do them, and how you can safely get back to doing what you need to do without risking a worse injury.


Core stabilization exercises are just as important as frequent stretching in getting your back back to full health. When the core muscles are working – your abdominals – then the back muscles don’t feel like they have to step up and do a job that is not their own. Then they can relax. And as the tension leaves, so does your pain. Those core muscles will protect your back from additional injuries and should be consciously engaged whenever you do anything strenuous. I’m talking mainly about lifting, but motions like getting out of your car and rolling over in bed can absolutely be strenuous if you’ve got an injured back. Stretching will feel good many times per day. And working on your core once a day, in addition to consciously contracting the abs with movements throughout the day, will get your back feeling better. It’s one of those injuries that you’ll have to be diligent with your exercises, but it’s absolutely worth it if you can avoid a difficult back surgery years down the road.