A muscle spasm can feel like you’re getting an electric shock. The muscles are on the brink of a maximum contraction, which is very exhausting for them, which is why they become painful and cause you days and nights of agony. You’ve got to stretch them, but you’ve got to do it Just Right or you will trigger a stronger spasm. Don’t wait to feel better, take the CORRECT action to feel better NOW!


Gentle stretching with small movements and short hold times is the way to get started on releasing the muscle spasms in your back. I start everyone doing exercises while laying on their back (in your bed is fine) so that your spine feels supported and can relax. Stretching the muscles of your hips, the ones that attach and have influence on your back, is the gentlest way to get started. Though hold times greater than 20 seconds is key for elongating muscles, you’ll need to start with short hold times, 10 seconds or less, so that your muscles don’t try to ‘protect’ you by going into a stronger spasm. Slow gentle stretching with short hold times, all while breathing deeply and slowly, will help your whole body and those muscles spasms relax and let go of the pain. Start today- those muscles are only getting tired and tighter!