There is a muscle deep under your buttocks that is called the piriformis muscle. The sciatic nerve passes through it. If the muscle is tight, it’s going to squeeze the nerve causing radiating numbness, tingling, and pain down your leg. We must loosen up the piriformis muscle, and find out and fix whatever it was that caused it to become so tight and with spasm to begin with. There are many subtle differences in the cause for sciatica – but the treatment for piriformis syndrome will help the symptoms no matter what the cause- and is the best and fastest way to get rid of the pain if the reason is the tight muscle.


The treatment for piriformis syndrome, to release the pressure on the sciatic nerve, is a simple stretch. There are even a couple variations of the stretch for your convenience. You’ll spend 10-30 seconds, 5-10times/day to loosen the muscle up, and some mental effort to identify and release any clenching that is going on at your butt cheek. You’ll get short term relief every time you stretch, and long term relief as the muscle learns to relax. To keep the pain from coming back, it’s best to gradually introduce some light strengthening for the muscles around the area. Get the step by step program for a full and quick recovery here!