A traumatic incident can cause a fracture in your spine, and if you have osteoporosis, gravity itself could cause one. Since you wont have a cast wrapped around your spine while it heals, you’ll have to rely on your muscles to provide stability and to take some pressure off to help with the pain. Learn what to do (and what not to do) while recovering from a fracture in your spine.


Isometric exercises for your core are a very safe thing to do even with a fracture because you’re not moving, and you are in complete control of how intensely you contract your muscles. Don’t go any more intense than what you can tolerate without increasing your pain level. Light stretching and gentle movements of your extremities while maintaining the stability of your spine is also a great way to keep up your activity and encourage circulation with promotes healing. If you’re able to walk, Do IT! It is also a great way to encourage bone healing.