There’s quite a few things to consider after a fall. The number one thing to think about is to Not. Rush. Getting. Up. Just stay down there on the ground a little bit. Relish it. Take a few deep breaths. Be sure to smile. Assess the situation. (Patient of the day story comes to mind: She walked into a public bathroom, turned the corner and immediately wiped out. Embarrassed, she stood up as quickly as she could. She fell again. Feeling really embarrassed, panicked, and even a little grossed out b/c she’s on a bathroom floor, she stood up as quick as she could again. And fell AGAIN. By now she had to take a second to catch her breath- long enough to realize that the soap dispenser had dumped it’s contents all over the floor. The floor, and now she herself too, were covered in slippery soap.) Take your time. My patient was now dealing with bumps and bruises from 3 falls instead of just one.

Getting up safely (soap or no soap) can be difficult – but my video will teach you the tricks. (coming soon!)

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