How to make the best of your stationary bike ride workout.  Ride with perfect form, maximize the calorie burn, and avoid pain.

For all of you indoor cyclers out there….you know it’s you that the instructor is talking to when they’re yelling about not leaning on your handle bars, when your elbows are out, – yup- this is for you.

Maybe you haven’t been taught the form.  Maybe you know the form, and try to do it, but you just get so tired you can’t keep it up.  This program is for you, too.

This program is cross training. This program works on the muscles that you need to have working for you so that you can have correct form. So that you can look good in class.  So the instructor wont have to come around and bang on your handlebars to get you to shape up.  So that you can avoid getting injured or have to deal with a stiff neck, sore arms and back after class.  And so that you can just Push.  Push harder than you’ve been able to before, and burn those mega calories like you want to.

Program coming soon.  Shoot me an email and you’ll be the first to know!