It’s time to eliminate the effects of old injuries, balance issues, and all of that stiffness that’s getting in the way of your best golf game.

You’ll have an even more enjoyable experience out there on the course when you’re golfing pain free and getting lower scores!  With this golf specific program, designed by a physical therapist (and an aging athlete herself), you’ll be tackling the effects of old injuries, balance and strength deficits, and all of that stiffness that’s keeping you from golfing your best.  We’re not looking to change your technique.  The program is designed to enhance your body’s ability to swing seamlessly without hitches or glitches.

Give Unhitch Your Glitch – Golf Motion Program a try today- then get out there and impress your friends!


2-3 times per week, 35 minutes each. That’s all it takes to make a difference in your game and how your body moves. Follow along step by step with an instructional video professionally filmed and edited for the golfer that is in or approaching their golden years. Prior to the exercises program, watch 4 instructional videos (approx 20mins each) that will give you the purpose and the proper technique of each and every exercise. Then start exercising; confident that you’ll be doing it safely, and on your way to getting noticeable results!

(If you’re a Caddy Shack fan, this program is especially for you.)