Ankle sprains are really common, and once you’ve had one, you’re more vulnerable to another one. But you don’t have to be! Learn the right strengthening exercises to recover from and prevent an ankle sprain.


You want to make sure your ankle doesn’t get stiff, because then you’ll be dealing with recovering from a stiff ankle as well as recovering from a sprained one, so active range of motion exercises are at the top of the list for suggested exercises following an ankle sprain. Keep the circulation moving to help get rid of that swelling asap. Stretch the muscles gradually and gently, strengthen as soon as you can in a pain free range, and work on your balance – so that the next time you hit that crack in the sidewalk, the muscles will be flexible enough to accept that steep pitch, they will be strong enough to support it, and they will have the awareness of the angle and immediately set into motion the appropriate contraction of muscles to protect your ankle from the challenge.