Calf Strains can really sneak up on you and then cause a bunch of problems. Cramping in your calf is a sign that you’ve got some issues with your calf being too tight and are on the brink of a worse injury. The calf starts at the back of your knee on both sides and travels all the way down to your heel, so you may be feeling tightness, pain, burning, or soreness any place along the back of your lower leg.


Gentle stretching is key. You’ll need to identify and address both parts of your calf: the gastroc (the calf muscle that is just under your skin) and the deeper soleus muscle. They each have a special way that they like to be stretched. Once the inflammation has subsided, then you’ll need to start gently strengthening the calf. It takes a combination of stretching and strengthening to get your calf back in tip top shape. It’s easy for a calf strain to turn into something even worse, so be sure to take care of it completely!