Although commonly thought to be caused by wearing pointy toe high heeled shoes a lot, you can get a bunion anytime you have prolonged compression to your toes, or anything that causes inflammation and arthritis. Proper support for both arches in your foot can help, as can some stretches. Learn how today and avoid a painful deformity in your feet!


There are 2 arches in your foot; the main one that runs from your toes to your heels, and a smaller one that runs from your pinky toe to your big toe. If you’re dealing with a angulated big toe, try pressing up under the ball of your foot right at the base of your middle toe – it will cause that arch to lift and your toes should fan out aligning the big toe. Getting a custom made orthotic that is the entire length of your foot (so that it can provide support to Both arches) is a common treatment. But the more cost effective and convenient treatment is to try a few exercises that are effective at self correcting the angle of your toe. The routine is similar to the one that helps your other arch as well! Check it out for overall good feeling feet!