The plantar fascia is a thick fan shaped band of tissue that helps support the arch of your foot. If yours is inflamed you’ll think of it first thing in the morning because that first step you take stretches it and makes you limp in pain until you get warmed up. Learn how to warm it up and stretch it out the Pain Free way at Insight into Injury.


It’s key to warm up your feet before you stand up on them. 10 ankle circles in both direction, or some seated calf raises will do the trick. That will take the edge off of that first step, and will definitely help you speed along your overall recovery since you wont be causing those painful micro tears and injury each first step you take. You’re signing yourself up for frequent stretching – the calf wedge stretch is easy to implement throughout your day. Those things will help control your pain, but to really GET RID OF IT you’ll also have to incorporate some strengthening exercises. I’m talking about easy things you do while you’re in line at the grocery store or brushing your teeth. An exercises program is much more cost effective and will get you long lasting results – instead of the expensive orthotics and new sneakers that is the other ‘treatment’ option.