Cartilage is the cushion and lubricant that can be found between any 2 bones in your body. Long story short, you have cartilage and meniscus in your knee that both serve the same basic job. Your meniscus can be ‘torn’ from twisting or impact injuries. Swelling and pain “inside” your knee will be felt at end range of bending and extending your knee and weight bearing. You don’t always need surgery to feel better! Learn how and why you can recover on your own.


Taking the added pressure of tight muscles off of your joint can do wonders for relieving your pain. A few simple stretches for the muscles around your knee can do a world of difference in your outcome in a damaged cartilage situation. Adding in some strengthening exercises to make sure you’re maximizing your stability, and there’s a very good chance you can avoid surgery. You’ll probably want to check in with your doctor and they might suggest an MRI to get a better look at the extent of the damage. But I’ve seen various degrees of tears that have had a very good outcome with this program. Repetitive squatting, kneeling, and walking (especially if you’re wearing a few extra pounds) can increase your risk of a meniscus tear. This program is great for prevention, too!