When you’re dealing with neck pain and tightness in the muscles around your neck, then you might be also experiencing blurry vision and ringing in your ears. These are the same tight muscles that cause headaches, too. It’s best to check in with a doctor so they can make sure it’s nothing serious, but tight muscles can absolutely cause these more worrisome symptoms. I’ve noticed that blurry vision is a much more common complaint than ringing in your ears. The optical center of your brain is at the base of the back of your head. The muscles that pass over that area often get tight with prolonged slouching or a whiplash injury. I’ve had plenty of patients tell me they went to their eye doctor but was told nothing was wrong with their eyes. Then I take them through a few stretches and some trigger point massage, and their vision clears. These symptoms are very manageable and thankfully usually short lived.


Working on your posture, stretching the muscles, massaging with your finger tips while you’re laying on your back, and just giving your head a rest form gravity for a bit are a good combination of treatments to help the blurry vision and the ringing in your ears.