If you have vague symptoms down your whole arm, it’s possible you have a nerve partially stuck within some tight muscles or at a joint. Physical therapy can help with stretches for the right muscles, and for nerve gliding exercises as well.


The idea is to free up the nerve from where ever it has gotten stuck. It might be easiest to describe if you think of an extension cord. Inside the plastic outer is some insulation, and protected inside the insulation is the wire. Our nerves are deep within our bodies much in the same way, and if there is a tight muscle, or some scar tissue, or some inflammation that settles and hardens around the nerve, the nerve will get stuck like it’s caught in a spider web. Freeing up that nerve will eliminate your symptoms. Nerve glide exercises are similar to stretches, except that you don’t hold the stretch position for any longer than just a moment, and then repeat it 5-10times.