The temporomandibular joint is the joint that moves your jaw. When something is wrong there, you could be feeling pain or getting clicking and locking in the joint whenever you move your mouth. Physical therapy can help by stretching the right muscles the right way.


Dinner time is fast approaching and you need some relief soon, (or else you’ll be looking for a straw!) Start with the chin tuck exercise; a lot of times the jaw runs into trouble because of the position of your chin is jutted forward, and even worse if it’s like that and you’re resting it on your fist. Use your finger tips to massage the muscles around the joint of your jaw. Sometimes physical therapists would need to glove up and put their hands inside your mouth to do some manual movements of your jaw to get it to stretch back into the right place. But in my career I’ve had much better luck with fixing head posture and a little massage to the cheeks.