There are ligaments that hold together your shoulder blade to your collar bone at the tip of your shoulder. When that gets stretched from a traumatic injury, you’ll have pain and inflammation. Exercises that teach your shoulder to stay in good position, and that stabilize the joint, will get you on your way to a full recovery.


To recover from an AC ligament injury we must first take away any opposing forces acting on the joint- in other words, you’ve got to stretch out anything that is tight that could be pulling that joint out of position or at the least putting stress on the joint.  Then we turn to isometric exercises to begin the strengthening phase.  Isometric exercise are when the muscles work, but without creating movement – you tense up your muscles holding still.  Eventually we resume strategic dynamic strengthening exercises that get you back into doing the things you’ve done before in a safe matter.  No matter what the degree of strain you’ve sustained, these exercises will get your shoulder strong and stable.