Shoulder impingement symptoms present as tightness and pain at the front of your shoulder. You need to stretch the front of your shoulder, and strengthen the back, and be sure you’re using good mechanics with any activity that uses your hands in front of your body.


The position and posture of your shoulder is important to avoid and recover from an impingement injury. Tightness across the front of your shoulder and chest pull and squeeze the shoulder forward which then causes pinching of the soft structures inside the joint (like the rotator cuff muscle and the lubricating bursas). Keeping your shoulders back and avoiding the slouched hunched posture is key to releasing that pinch. Doing one stretch 3-4 times/day will really give you some relief. Adding in a few exercises that strengthen the shoulder blade muscles, and being conscious of the mechanics when you lift your arm above shoulder height will reverse the impingement and give your the inside of your shoulder a chance to heal. It’s easy to make a big difference with just one stretch. Learn how!


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