We all have a carpal tunnel at the base of our palm, and the trouble starts when this area is compressed by tight muscles or scar tissue from chronic inflammation. Manually opening up the carpal tunnel can be achieved with persistent stretching. It’s worth the effort because it can prevent the need for surgery!


Surgery is a common “treatment” for carpal tunnel syndrome, however, I have seen MANY of my patients recover from carpal tunnel syndrome just by doing the right exercises. Opening up the tunnel (yup, the bones form an actual tunnel) with stretches, rather than surgery, can effectively take away the pressure that is squeezing down on those nerves passing through there. Relieve the pressure, the nerves heal, and your symptoms go away. Keep up the stretches and the strengthening and you’ll be able to safely return to all of your activities. Let’s get to it!


Video Transcript: Carpal Tunnel
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome transcript coming soon.
This should get you started in the right direction, but please check out my full-length PT session to get all the rest of the details that will troubleshoot your symptoms and take you to a full recovery. I’ve also got an exercise checklist for you and illustrations so you can work on the exercises easily throughout the day. I hope you’ve been encouraged, and that you’ll be feeling better soon.