Stiffness, inflammation, and pain at the tendons that attach to the inner side of your elbow are common symptoms of medial epicondylitis. Golfer’s elbow is the same thing, just easier to pronounce. Pushing the forearm muscles beyond their limits causes the problem. Stretching and strengthening them will help.


There are 4 tendons that originate at the elbow bone that is closest to your body that travel down towards your hand. If any of those muscles are tight and/or weak, they will tug tug tug on your elbow bone when you’re using them strenuously. Over time, that tugging will result in inflammation and pain and this condition called “medial epicondylitis”. To alleviate the troublesome tugging you’ll need to stretch out all of those muscles, plus the other muscles of your forearm as well, and then do a nice all-around strengthening routine of wrist curls and grip strength. It will have to be a consistent routine done daily to get results, but it’s quick and simple to do. Here’s how to fix the issue, (and how to prevent it!) And we can always set up a telehealth appointment to work one-on-one to address and fix your specific issues.