Why Stretching is Better than Massage

Doing the right stretch can make a huge difference in how you feel.

Physical therapy is a combination of exercises, evaluation, detective work, puzzle solving, convincing, hands-on work including manual stretching/massage/manipulation, modalities, etc.   But what I’ve found to be the most helpful and impactful component of a physical therapy program is strategic stretching.   WHY?  Because stretching is easy for anyone to do.   It doesn’t require equipment.  Stretching should be done without eliciting any sharp pains, so there is no stress about experiencing pain.  The patients themselves are in full control of how aggressive of a stretch they do.  There are many variations so that it is simple to stretch anywhere/anytime.  Stretching is very targeted-  it’s easy to come up with the right stretch to do.  At the simplest of levels, if you feel a stretch in the area that hurts, you’re doing something right.

  • stretching improves circulation and takes away the heavy feeling in your muscles.

  • stretching allows more oxygen and nutrients to get into the muscle, taking away that deep bone ache that bothers you in the night.

  • stretching releases the pressure that causes the joints to squeeze together, helping you avoid that ‘wear and tear’ that leads to arthritis.

  • stretching makes you taller – it stops and even reverses that age related shrinking.

  • stretching helps optimize minute balance adjustments that reduces your risk of falling.

  • stretching gives you flexible muscles which are more responsive and allows for quicker reactions.

  • stretching prevents injuries.

  • stretching – takes – away – pain.

Many people choose physical therapy because it’s non invasive, there are no side effects, it’s a very natural approach, convenient, inexpensive, easy to understand, has no age barriers, one that puts the power into their own hands about their health, and has long lasting results.  It also has a quick fix component to it, which is always appealing.  

Yes, 95% of all my patients report a noticeable improvement in their symptoms immediately after stretching! 

“Stretching is a viable alternative to hands-on physical therapy or massage. In fact, I feel there are benefits that you can get from stretching that a massage can’t give you. Stretching has the ability to give you lasting results. You’re actually changing something when you stretch. You’re elongating a tight muscle so that it no longer pinches down on the nerve or squeezes the joint together. And, at the same time, you’re improving the circulation and warming up the muscles which are the same benefits you get from a massage. Stretching just gives you more.”  Josie, PT


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Give it a try today and see how you feel! I ALWAYS feel better after stretching!


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